A Peculiar Scent

questionaire post 2Scent evokes Memories.

Hello all Beautiful & Handsome ones out there,

I am sure all of you have had such moments when you suddenly smell some scent (I mean Perfume scent) & in that moment itself you go through all the memories related to the scent; reminding you of the person using it or of some place where someone may have used it & it became your favorite one, just like that. I have shared a link as well so you can get your answers now if you are not sure why it happens. Trust me it’s normal.

It is said that one of the basic rules of developing your personality is to smell good as well. There are innumerable scents local, national as well as international; which ever you like is yours. It is not necessary for you to choose some high end branded perfume only, the oldest form known at Itr or Attar also serve the same purpose. The sole purpose of doing so is to have your definition without words. Your presence is sensed. It makes you feel good about yourself as well. Remember that it is important to suit your personality as well.

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Why is Personal Dressing Style important

Hello all Beautiful & Handsome ones out there,

Personal Dressing Style basically means styling your personality. It’s not about clothes, not about following the trend, not about being in fashion at all instead, it means to adorn your personality in such a way that you as an individual are easily welcomed & accepted.

It is very important to know your Dressing Style because it not only boosts your confidence but also helps you connect with yourself more strongly. Everyday hassle of choosing clothes ends because everything in your wardrobe is perfectly you. You get to choose from your favorites your that specific day favorite.

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