An Eternal Love Story….. Fashion & Art….

“Fashion is above all an Art of Change.”

– John Galliano


All my lovely people.

I am back with another article today explaining the bond between Fashion & Art. I do not know how many of you are actually aware about this. Well if you not, do not worry as I am going to try my best to explain this out.

As per the Dictionary ‘Fashion’ is defined as ‘a popular trend, especially in styles of dress & ornaments or manner of behavior.’ & on the other hand Art is defined as ‘the expression or application of human creative skill & imagination, typically in a visual form producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.’ So it is clear that Art is a result of an individual’s mind & interpretation of his surroundings that he chooses to record in the form of a painting, mural or sculpture. There are records of innumerable such artworks done by so many artists around the globe which in turn have always & will always inspire many designers to come up with their exclusive collections. It may be surprising to know that not only do the portraits done by artists help designers but also helps Fashion Forecasters in their job. Fashion is cyclic & its the only field I assume that history repeats itself & its welcomed with open arms. It obviously is not exactly the same. Well I am not wrong when I say it starts its journey exactly in its respective era but by the time it reaches this era its got refined & modified so as to suit our modern taste. Some of the designers use artwork as prints or inspiration for their collections.

Daimen Hirst was a British Artist who collaborated with the British Designer Alexander McQueen to create 30 limited edition scarves, patterns for which have been adapted by his Entomology series in the year 2013. In this his exclusive designs were a result of the kaleidoscopic geometric shapes formed by butterflies, spiders & other such insects. These forms were laid out to create the signature McQueen skull motif.

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Damien Hirst’s Entomology also inspired Prada for an exclusive co-designed handbags collection in the year 2013. As mentioned above this series was creatively conceptualized by Damien using insects & Prada used these on handbags in three dimension.

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Christian Dior’s Spring 2008 Couture Collection designed by John Galliano was inspired by an Austrian Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt. He is noted for his paintings, murals, sketches & other object d’art. He began his artistic career as a successful painter of architectural decorations in a conventional manner, but later he worked on female figures as well. I mentioned him in this post due to a personal liking towards his paintings where he used gold too as his father was a gold engraver & so he got a lot of gold waste. This can be clearly seen in the collection designed by John Galliano.

He incorporated many aspects apart the gold color in the collection that include unique shapes & patterns along with the unusual hair & makeup seen in the abstract look of Klimt’s paintings.


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The New York Fashion Week 2015 had a major inspiration taken by Gustav Klimt. The color, patterns, textures, bold depiction of women & many abstract looks in his paintings can be seen in the designs made by many designers during this fashion week.

New York Fashion Week 2015 by

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When you speak of abstract, boldness & unusual; one can never miss out the extra ordinary & super creative designer Alexander McQueen. His Resort 2013 collection did show references to Gustav’s work very clearly.

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Hair adorned with lots of flowers or ribbons with braids, thick mono brow, heavy beaded necklaces with earrings, layered dressing & fancy footwear precisely describes the famous artist/ painter Frida Kahlo. Her dressing style, use of vibrant colors, blend of embroidered garments,  mixing a lot together yet making it look to be one is the skill that we all are learning till date; many times by studying her style only. The famous designer Elsa Schiaparelli created a dress in her honor called “La robe Madame Rivera” that embarked her presence on the runways even today.

Viva La Vida by Frida Kahlo

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Designers like Jean Paul Gaultier, Givenchy, Dolce & Gabanna, Alexander Mc Queen & many more not only got inspired by her fashion style but also captured her pain. Kris Van Assche is the only designer who choose to showcase her will to live, through his Prêt-à-Por·ter 2002 collection. Many celebrities, make up artists, illustrators & stylists have always; till date; showcased Frida in their unique way.

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Anoop Barwa inspired by Frida

Designer, Forecasters, Illustrators, Stylists, Make Up Artists all have at least once used some reference from minimum one painting in their life to achieve a certain inspiration in their work. Artists work give us an insight into a particular era’s clothing/ fashion. Photographs came in trend very late until then there were only paintings that could be made-to-order. These are known as Portraits professionally which have always been a great to all those in Fashion & will be forever

Any stream you are in remember to be in Fashion just to showcase your personal Art.

Be Creative.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Please share & like.

Keep Smiling & Be Happy Always.



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